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Common Thread Psychotherapy

Integrative therapy practice dedicated to mental health, connection, intimacy and wellness.

Thin Yarns

Common Thread


The goal of this practice is to cultivate healing and safety.


My training in therapy is rooted in social work. As a social worker, I have a deep commitment to the core values of this discipline, and they are integrated into our work with clients, as well as how I live my personal life.

The following six core principles of the profession guide Common Thread:

Service, Social Justice, Dignity and Worth of the Person, Importance of Human Relationships, Integrity, Competence.

I have limited openings for telehealth across the Oregon and Texa

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Individual therapy is an opportunity to take space and time to work towards individually cultivated goals regarding mental health and wellness with a licensed mental health professional. Common Thread clinicians are trained in trauma informed care and strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for each individual. We strive to create an inclusive and safe atmosphere for all backgrounds and identities. We have a passion for supporting folks in connecting with others in a deep and meaningful way. 


leasure is a human right, but all too often we are not taught how to access this. Sometimes, internalized messages around sex in our culture can make people feel that they are "dysfunctional", which can worsen sexual symptoms. I work with clients around topics such as low desire, pain during sex, erectile dysfunction, sexual trauma impacting current relationships, understanding and expressing needs, sexual fantasies, understanding sexual identities, and more.

Relationship/couples therapy is a space to work collaboratively with a licensed mental health professional on your intimate relationship. Couples therapy creates a safe space where couples can address any variety of topics the couple identifies needing support with.  Couples therapy can be helpful for various types of relationships: married/unmarried, old/new, monogamous/polyamorus, and more. Our couples therapists take a special interest in supporting clients with sex/intimacy and trauma healing. 

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