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Tara Russell, LCSW

Licensed in Texas and Oregon

I believe the most important variable in successful therapy is the individual's feelings of trust and safety with the therapist. Therefore my first goal is to create a space where you feel comfortable to be yourself.

Once a safe space is created, we can begin to explore topics that can be difficult to explore without support and guidance of a trusted other who can offer feedback and insight on the patterns that keep us stuck.  While we do the work of exploring hard topics, it is my job to keep the pace at a safe level, and bring in laughter, positivity, and reminders of all the strengths you as an individual hold. 

I specialize in trauma therapy, sexual health and wellness, addiction, and couples therapy.

Trauma therapy: The first and most important step in trauma work is establishing safety. Before going into trauma work, I ensure the individual has resources, or ways to cope with the memories that could arise.

Some of the modalities I am trained in to support people in healing from trauma are somatic work (body), parts work, EMDR, and attachment.

Sexual Health & Wellness:

I have been trained to work with presenting concerns around sexual dysfunctions and wellness. I believe that pleasure is a human right, but all too often we are not taught how to access this. Sometimes, internalized messages around sex in our culture can make people feel that they are "dysfunctional", which can worsen sexual symptoms. I work with clients around topics such as low desire/low libido, pain during sex, erectile dysfunction, sexual trauma impacting current relationships, understanding and expressing needs, sexual fantasies, understanding sexual identities, and more.

Couples Therapy:

I work with couples with various concerns. I work with a big variety of couples: married and unmarried, monogamous and polyamorous, couples who recently met and couples who have been together for decades, gay/straight/anywhere on the sexuality spectrum. Some of the topics that I support couples with are communication, addiction in the relationship (substances, porn, spending, etc), sex and intimacy concerns (differing desires and libido, etc), reestablishing intimacy, future planning (financial, parenthood, etc). I work to bring in the things that do work within the couple to use as strengths to help cope during more challenging times. I often provide "homework" to couples to enhance the therapeutic gains.


I work with folks struggling with a dependence on a substance or thing (porn, spending, food, etc). I view dependence on things as a coping mechanism for some sort of distress that is arising. My goal is to support clients in identifying what the distress is telling them: maybe an unmet need, a desire that has not yet been fulfilled, or a truth not yet realized. The goal is to get the the root of what the addiction is trying cope with and to establish a life where the addiction of choice is not longer as powerful.

In my free time, you will find me with a good book, enjoying a meal, walking the river trail with my partner and my dog, hanging out with close friends, or at an Austin FC game! Advanced Trainings

Sex Therapy Supervision with Dr. Shelley Imholte - Winter 2017-Summer 2020

Sex Addiction Training with Dr. David Ley- March 2021

Eros Institute, Sexual Trauma Trainings with Peter Levine and Kimberly Ann Johnson- November 2021

EMDR Training (EMDR Center Of the Rockies) - Winter 2021

Parts Of The Therapist Training (Trauma and Parts work) with Ilyse Kennedy - September 2021- August 2022

EMDR and IFS with Bruce Hersay - November 2022


Tara Russell, LCSW
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